Who We Are

Formally structured in 2005 and reorganized in 2011, we are a nonprofit organization with a board of directors consisting of women who volunteer their time to further the goals of the organization. The board consists of farm and agribusiness women from across the state interested in expanding the knowledge of and networking with other women to increase the quality, competitiveness and economic potential of women involved in agricultural.

Jill Altringer – altringer@icloud.com

Sue Benning – ksbenning@hotmail.com

Mona Bond – monabond51@gmail.com

Joni Dvorak – dvorakj@netins.net

Elaine Gaesser – eegaesser@gmail.com

Sandy Greiner – sgreiner@iowatelecom.net

Deb Schuler – smithag@metc.net

Cheryl Tevis – cheryl.tevis@meredith.com

Amanda Rinehart – amanda.rinehart@pioneer.com

Kellie Gregorich – kjogreg@gmail.com

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