Iowa Women in Agriculture is affiliating with the national organization American Agri Women, creating “Iowa Agri Women”. Women in Agriculture has as its mission to be the leading resource and advocate for women engaged in all aspects of agriculture.

Our goal is to provide the educational opportunities women need to increase their skills in making business and financing decisions. We also seek to provide women opportunities to build networks and friendships with other women actively involved in today’s agricultural industry.

The Iowa Women in Agriculture programs’ intent is to identify the unique needs of women who are involved in agricultural production and in agribusiness and to provide the network of resources and expertise necessary to successfully meet those needs.
American Agri Women has 50 state and commodity affiliate organizations as well as individual members throughout the country, representing tens of thousands of women involved in agriculture. Throughout the history of AAW, our members have been actively involved and been making a difference in legislative & regulatory matters at the local, state and national levels.

They have also been instrumental in student and consumer education about agriculture, having initiated the Agriculture in the Classroom program at the national level and are integrally involved in national and state programs today.

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